“My Goal Is To Make Every Single Patient 100% Happy.” -Dr Cairdullo

philosohyDr. Ciardullo attempts to maintain a boutique style practice. All patients are treated on a personal, one-to-one basis by Dr. C, the anesthesiologists, the nurses and the staff. Dr. Ciardullo reminds himself before each case, that the patient is placing his or her face or body in his hands. He realizes that this is a tremendous vote of confidence and does his utmost best to earn that trust by giving each case his maximum effort and maintaining a strong personal interest in the outcome and satisfaction of every patient.

Second only to patient safety, the most important principle that Dr. C follows, is a philosophy that ALL results must appear natural. Dr. Ciardullo bases every procedure around this philosophy of natural, which has earned him the amazing reputation he has today.

This is particularly important with facial plastic surgery.

The ideal rhinoplasty is one that is not only a beautiful nose, but one which looks like it belongs on the face; as though the patient was born with it.
The ideal facial plasty is rejuvenating and makes the patient appear younger and fresher; not tighter.
Similarly, breasts should be aesthetically appealing, not just very large.
When using Botox and fillers, the patients face should look more rested, younger, less wrinkled, yet natural not plastic.

Dr. Ciardullo is proud that the vast majority of his patients, regardless of what procedure they have completed, are thrilled with how natural their results are. Family and friends often comment that they are unable to tell they had surgery; just that they look better. Did they lose weight? Did they get a new haircut?  Did they take a vacation?