safetyThis is the most important consideration in any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. Beyond maintaining¬† the excellence of the facility, his own credentials and those of his staff, Dr. Ciardullo is also extremely conservative in his selection of patients for surgery. Patients who have serious risk factors ( such as untreated coronary artery disease, obesity, age etc) are discouraged from having surgery and are often declined. Although these patients may choose to go elsewhere for surgery, Dr. Ciardullo’s conservative views have resulted in the best possible patient safety outcomes. Dr. Ciardullo has never lost a patient.

All procedures are performed on an ambulatory out-patient basis. In rare instances, when hospitalization is required, White Plains Hospital Center is used. Those patients who live within approximately 45 minutes of the office, go home directly following surgery.

If a patient lives too far away or is not comfortable returning home, we will assist in making arrangements at a local hotel. Our nurses are also available for those patients who prefer or require to have a nurse with them following a procedure.